How high OU softball’s win streak could climb before facing a serious challenge

How high OU softball’s win streak could climb before facing a serious challenge

If OU runs the table during the regular season, its win streak will surpass 100 — but are there potential potholes in the road?

Jenni Carlson

By Jenni Carlson

| Feb 20, 2024, 12:00pm CST

Jenni Carlson

By Jenni Carlson

Feb 20, 2024, 12:00pm CST

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OU softball has joined some rare company.

What’s new, right?

Well, the Sooners pushed their win streak above the 60-game plateau over the weekend. With five victories at the Cowgirl Challenge, their win streak now stands at 62 games.

According to, OU softball is only the 12th program of any kind from any level to have a win streak of more than 60.

Here are the others with their winning streaks:

137: Miami men’s tennis, 1957-64

130: BYU-Hawaii women’s tennis, 2002-05

121: OU men’s gymnastics, 2015-19

111: Connecticut women’s basketball, 2014-17

109: Penn State women’s volleyball, 2007-10

103: BYU-Hawaii women’s tennis, 1999-2001

102: College of New Jersey women’s lacrosse, 1991-97

92: North Carolina women’s soccer, 1990-94

88: UCLA men’s basketball, 1971-74

73: Ashland women’s basketball, 2016-18

62: Minnesota women’s hockey, 2012-13

All of which begs the question: how high could OU climb? 

Seventy wins in a row? Eighty? A hundred? More?

The Sooners have 43 games remaining in the regular season, so if they run the table before the postseason, the win streak would reach 105. It seems entirely possible that they could win out, but there are some potential potholes along the road.

Where is OU likely to be most tested?

The Sooners head to the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic in Cathedral City, California, this weekend. It’s one of the premier early-season tournaments in college softball, and the field this year is stacked. Let’s see. There’s OU, Tennessee, UCLA, Utah, Oregon, Northwestern, Missouri, UCF and Mississippi State, to name a few.

But OU didn’t exactly get dealt a tough draw.Friday: Mississippi State, Wisconsin.

Saturday: San Diego State.

Sunday: Seattle, Loyola-Marymount.

Mississippi State could be a test for OU. The Bulldogs have some good wins, including Clemson, Utah and a doubleheader sweep of Louisiana. But they also lost to UC-Davis.

Loyola-Marymount is a team to watch, too. It beat Oregon and hung with Oklahoma State, but it also got blown out by Texas, Texas A&M and Oregon.

After Mary Nutter, the Sooners have their home opener (and Love’s Field unveiling) the following weekend with the OU Tournament. (Can’t someone come up with a better name, by the way? The Marita Hynes Invitational? The Patty Gasso Classic?) OU will play Miami (Ohio) plus two games each against Liberty and Louisiana. Both have been known to score upsets.

But really, if you’re looking for really good upset potential, OU’s Big 12 series against Baylor on March 22-24 might be the next time that happens. The Bears are the last team to beat the Sooners, after all.

Then again, the series against the Bears is in Norman. Beating the Sooners at Love’s Field this season is likely to be tough.

OU’s toughest road test might not come until April 5-7 at Texas. The Horns are legit this season, and it could be a No. 1 vs. No. 2 showdown deep in the heart of Texas.

But let’s say the Sooners get to Austin with their win streak intact. Barring rainouts and cancellations, which we know are a real possibility during the spring, OU could have another 27 wins.

The win streak would be 89 games.

That seems crazy, and yet, not. Winning games, after all, is what the OU softball team does. 

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